How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business
Social Media marketing services tips using social networking sites
Brick and mortar businesses are busy promoting themselves in newspapers, on billboards, with flyers and newsletters. Those are all good ways to get exposure, but let's not forget the new weapon in the promotions and marketing arsenal: social media.

Social media promoting is immediate - you don't have to wait days or weeks for your ad to appear. So even if you’re just getting started with your social media promotions now, it's not too late - your promotions appear as soon as you type them in.
And unlike traditional advertising, it’s often free, costing only the time that you take to type in your promotional "tweets" or posts.
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Internet Social Media Glossary

 Social Media & Online MarketingGlossary

What is an Advertising Network?: A service where ads are bought centrally through one company, and displayed on multiple websites that contract with that company for a share of revenue generated by ads served on their site.
What is an Algorithm?: The technology a search engine uses to deliver results to a query. Search engines utilize several algorithms in tandem to deliver a page of search results or keyword-targeted search ads.
What is Anchor Text ?: The clickable text part of a hyperlink. The text usually gives visitors or search engines important information on what the page being linked to is about.
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